Reservation & Policies

สนใจจองที่นั่งของคอร์ส Omakase

Line: @merutosushi

*** We take reservation for minimum of 2 persons.

*** 50% Deposit is required upon your reservation.

*** For foreigners contacting us from overseas, please make your reservation and deposite via our Facebook inbox.

*** For Thai and foreigners who stay in Thailand and have Thai Bank Account, please feel free to make your reservation and deposite via our Line@ and Phone Call

Line ID : @merutosushi

Telephone : +6692-369-7924

*** Non-Refundable in all cases : Therefore, please be sure for your information regarding :

– Date

– Time

– Number of persons

– Food Allergy

– Selected Courses

***Please don’t try your luck to walk-in, it is very rare chance that we would have enough seats or materials to serve, because we ordered raw materials from Japan just enough for the customers’ reservation. This is to ensure that our customers are served with only the best and the freshest.

*** The courses are conducted purely by high experienced Thai chefs and staffs. There is no Japnese chefs in our team. Please study beforehand incase you expect to be served with Japanese chefs.

*** At Meruto, we serve our courses strictly according to the seasons of Japanese ocean, and our main product is omakase sushi/sashimi. Some research beforehand upon the seasonality and food allergies are advisable. Should customers expect high variety of Alcohol or to focus mainly on drinking experiences, please consider other places else.

***Please enjoy the services with polite manner. Should any customer show any sign of harassment toward the restaurant and/or staffs, either by words or actions, either due to intoxication or not, the restaurant will stop its service to the particular group of customers immediately. Each customer would then be subjected to pay the full price (inc vat+service charges) and leave the perimeter immediately. Police officers would be automatically called upon to get involved. Any usage of bad words or aggressive behavior towards the restaurant or staff would be considered as harassment.