The 2 owners, Chef Arm and Ms. KK, both were the management levels working in the banking industry. They have been travelling throughout Japan and around the world in oreder to search for the ideal taste of foods. For all the knowledge and experience they gathered from the culinary world, they decided to make their passion come true, by opening Meruto.

Meruto has been operated since 2015 to bring the best of the best from The Japan ocean to sushi lovers in Bangkok. The restaurant started as a small omakase sushi counter which could offered only 4-6 seats per round.

In 2016, Meruto has moved to Sathorn, the financial district of Bangkok, and we have made this branch as the main branch since then.

Whatever we do and serve, quality and integrity come first, to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied when finished our omakase courses.

At the Sathorn branch, each day, we have been visited by gourmets from both Bangkok and from around the world.

For every comments from our beloved customers since the first day, we have carefully listened and continuously developing our quality to make it worth our beloved customer’s time and trust they have been giving us.

80% of our customers are frequent customers who visit us every 2-3 weeks. We know what our frequent customers love to have, so every visit is exciting like new visit always.

Please fell free to join the club.

And see you soon 🙂